Making fertiliser decisions?

Make sure you’re not throwing your money away.


At PFP, we know fertiliser is a large portion of farm expenditure and its effectiveness directly impacts farm income. So, it makes sense to base your fertiliser decisions on sound information.

We can help you make informed and educated decisions for your farm – we’ll come and visit your farm (North Island only) and take soil and/or herbage samples for independent analysis, then we’ll provide you with clear, reasoned, obligation-free recommendations.

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Here’s a bit more about what do we do at PFP Fertilisers…


At our manufacturing plant in Waipukurau, we use our vertical roller-mill to grind high quality lime, phosphate, magnesium, boron and a variety of other minerals into ultra-fine powders. These powders (known as flours), typically have average particle sizes of less than 20 micron.

Our specialised in-house technology blends appropriate ratios of these flours and turns them into free flowing, low dust, fine particle prills.

Our products can be applied by any ground or aerial application method.

After application, even heavy dew will start the break-down process of PFP Fertiliser Prills.

The low application rates of PFP Fertilisers products, dramatically reduce transport and application costs making them a very cost-effective and efficient method to apply fertiliser and lime.

Independent, replicated scientific tests show that when it comes to lime (and other natural rock based fertilisers), the higher the purity and the finer the grind, the better the results. It’s not the tonnes/ha that raises pH, it’s the surface area of calcium carbonate that counts.

Ultra-fine particle lime quickly raises soil pH, making calcium readily available to both plants and microbial life.